Fly-In Information

KRIR CTAF                      122.8

KRAL TOWER                 121.0

KRAL ATIS                       128.8

KRAL WX ASOS              951-352-4392

SOCAL APP & DEP         135.4

RUNWAY 24 & 6              3190’ long, 50’ wide

ELEVATION                     767’

TPA (day)                        1467’

TPA (night)                      1767’

FUEL                               100LL

VFR Arrival 

Some pilots who fly into Flabob for the first time find it scary because of the mountain which is right in your face on downwind leg. Friend, this is because you are too high. Daytime pattern altitude at Flabob is 1,467 feet, which is 700 feet AGL, lower than most patterns. The reason for this is Mt. Rubidoux, which sits about where you would want to turn base. If you are at the proper, low, altitude, the “key spot” will be well inside the mountain and it will work out fine. If you are too high, the mountain is in your way. So fly the pattern altitude and it will work out well. Flavio (of the Flavio-Bob ownership era) used to advise flying right at the cross on top of Mt. Rubidoux until “you feel an irresistible urge to cross yourself, then turn base and there you are.”

At night, the pattern altitude is 1,767 feet, 1,000 feet agl, and you fly outside the mountain. This is for the obvious reason that it is harder to see at night. The lights are pilot-controlled on 122.8, which is our CTAF and not attended. Seven slow keys (one every second or so should do it) of your microphone will turn on the lights.  One more thing about our runway lights, they are offset – in other words, stay closer to the lights on the right than on the left (or you’ll end up in the grass).  You can get all this information and much more from the great web resource —

We are very close to our friendly instrument airport, Riverside Municipal (KRAL). So close, indeed, that we are in a cutout in their Class D. If you want to go south or west, or approach from those directions, give the cheerful folks at Riverside Tower (121.0) a call. The Riverside ATIS (128.8) is a good source of weather since we are only 2.8 nautical miles away, so our weather is pretty much the same. Click here for the Riverside Weather.

Our traffic pattern is left hand for both Runway 24 (in use 90% of the time) and Runway 06. If you are approaching from the east while 24 is active, we usually make a left upwind, x-wind, downwind and so on. From the north, we enter on a left x-wind.

We are proud to boast that we are “tower free.”

Instrument Arrival and Departure Procedures

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